TEM Water

Emerging from the finest and most pristine natural source, the journey begins in glacial mountains, where the water imbibes beneficial minerals over years of slow filtration through layers of underground rock. This water is then bottled at the state-of-the-art facility, retaining its natural composition. Aqua mineral water is available in various sizes and different packaging based on market needs.

TEM Beverages (Up Coming)

Mixers: A fine range of mixers to take your bar up a notch! Classic Indian Tonic and Ginger Ale are perfect for direct consumption or as an accompaniment to your favourite spirits.

Clear: A combination of sparkling spring water and natural fruit flavours that is low in calories and high on taste. Aqua Clear is available in Lemon ‘n’ Lime, Peach, Black Currant and Green Apple. 

Spring: A range of carbonated beverages made from spring water, as a healthier alternative to the standard orange, lemon and cola drinks. With the addition of typical Indian flavours like Shikanji Masala and Jira Digestive, the carbonated beverages have something for everyone.

TEM Water Beverage (Up Coming)

‘TEM Water’are a range of tantalising, juicy beverages. Strawberry Juice was introduced for the first time in India along with nine other exciting variants i.e. Mango, Apple, Lychee, Guava, Sweet Lime, Orange, Multi Fruit, Fresh Lime and Pink Lemonade. Aqua has taken the soft beverage segment one step further by introducing a range of Sparkling juice beverages’. It is currently available in Strawberry, Apple and Orange flavour. 

The carbonation adds that extra fizz in every sip!  with a large portfolio of juice beverages, the next natural step was to bring ‘100% fruit juices’ into the market. Aqua 100% fruit juice is available in Strawberry, Apple, Sweet Lime, Pineapple and Orange. With no preservatives, no added sugar and original taste, the natural flavour of fruit will leave you wanting more!

TEM Water (With Added Minerals)

TEM Water is Mineral Water is filtered over years through layers of Himalayan rocks, imbibing a variety of natural minerals beneficial for health.

Liquid Life Natural Mineral Water is available in 200ml, 500ml 1L & 15L Single-use PET Jar.